Tuesday, September 8, 2009

60% OR 40%?

Welcome to our class blog. Remember our discussion about 60% learning in class, and 40% learning outside class? Well, this is 100% learning. Please click on the word "blog" to find out more about blogs. You do not need to read all the information, just the first bit.

Now we will go to another site, URL - (Universal Resource Locator - website address). You know this site - Time4english . Go to Intermediate and find Countries and Cultures 2, 5D Traditional Roles. This is a listening task.

When you have finished, look at your opinion text on "Housework". Have you got any different ideas to add to your opinion? If you haven't written an opinion piece please ask Alison about it. Please write a second draft of your opinion. Have fun.

There is another listening on the same website that talks about volunteering for work. Go to the Intermediate level and look under "Natural Phenomena". Click on "2H - Spirit of Volunteerism" and complete the task.
Answer the following questions in the "comments" section below.

Q1. Do you think people should vounteer for work?
   2. Why?
   3. Can you think of a reason for why it is NOT a good idea?